I wear this ribbon BeCause...

It's a badge of honor

It's a sign of courage

Awareness is imperative

It's a symbol of strength

I appreciate my caregivers

I'm approachable for support

It's in memory of someone

Together we are stronger

It shows I'm a fighter

It signifies a journey

Every day is a gift

Others need me

I need others

A short while after my 50th birthday

I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I searched for a cause ribbon that would properly symbolize my challenges,

honor my journey,

and was also affordable.

It simply didn't exist.

And so,

I created BeCause Awareness Ribbons.

BeCause awareness, cures and solutions are essential,

a portion of all sales from our store are donated to various causes.

Each ribbon is heirloom quality, created from .925 sterling silver

and manufactured in the USA.

Support the cause closest to your heart by purchasing your BeCause Awareness Ribbon today.